WordPress Development

From simple blogging sites to complex ecommerce shops, I can provide WordPress development for all kinds of websites. WordPress powers the majority of the world's websites, and because of this it becomes a common target for web attacks. It's vitally important that any vulnerabilities that WordPress has aren't exploited.

You'll get security advice

Over the years of overseeing WordPress websites, I've become accustomed to fixing and patching many bugs and security issues that our clients experienced. With this experience, I'm able to to help provide support for any website and provide the best security advice to protect your site from potential hackers.

Simple actions such as installing a security plugin such as Sucuri or iThemes Security Pro will go a long way to protecting your WordPress system. By following best security practices such as creating a strong password in combination with a security plugin can really benefit your website.

I can also suggest other security recommendations, so please get in touch by filling out the contact form on this website.

Plugins, especially those that are not well known can cause security issues. That's why I've put together a trusted list of plugins that are safe to use and install on WordPress websites. Any plugins not known to me are carefully looked over and judged whether they're safe to use or not before installing them.

As I also specialise in Magento, it is common for WordPress and Magento to be integrated together. This means it is extra important that you have a secure WordPress application, as any vulnerability could allow an attacker to gain access to Magento as well. This could compromise sensitive customer and order data.

With my knowledge in both Magento and WordPress platforms, you can be sure that both systems will be made as secure as possible.

WordPress theme and plugin development

Of course, it is not only security based development that I focus on. From the beginning of learning WordPress, I learnt how to customise themes by creating child themes from the in-built parent ones. Later on, I was able to create new WordPress themes from scratch, and after that I focused on WordPress plugin development.

The WordPress themes that I create will always be made responsive so that the website will scale correctly no matter the device used to view it.

I use modern web technologies that speed up WordPress development, as well as improve page loading times.

Have a WordPress plugin in mind that you want building? I'll carefully look over your requirements and build it using the correct WordPress coding standards.

I'm always contactable and am readily available to take on any sized project. Get in touch to find out how I can help your WordPress website out.