Magento 2 Development

Many business understandably are moving their online stores to Magento 2. With newer web technologies that benefit website performance and ensure best security practices are followed, it is no wonder that Magento 2 development is high in demand.

Magento was already a highly flexible, scalable system with so many features for a merchant to take advantage of. Magento 2, whilst from the programming point of view is architecturally different from previous versions, it still provides lots of functionality that places the platform above its ecommerce competitors.

Need help migrating Magento module code?

I first started Magento 2 development back in 2016 when the application was relatively new. Throughout my time learning the system, I've managed to migrate over most of the code I learnt on Magento 1 to work with Magento 2. One of my tasks including rewriting a dog harness calculator I'd written for a client.

Whilst constructing the code is different in Magento 2, I knew what I had to write and what files the functionality needed to reside in.

The learning curve for Magento 2 is quite steep, and I don't see at as a surprise that merchants and developers have had some teething issues when getting used to the system. With my knowledge of Magento 1 and my continued research into Magento 2, I certainly feel like I'm a strong candidate to help your business out.

Magento 2 theme and extension development

If you've purchased a Magento 2 theme and need help installing, updating or adding custom functionality to it, I can be of service. My Frontend Developer Certification I earned for Magento 1 has taught me Magento best practices and how to write efficient code that doesn't hinder website performance.

My frontend skills can also be utilised in Magento 2. So whether you are looking for existing support on a theme, or perhaps are looking to build a theme from scratch, I'll be able to provide a high quality service.

Similarly, my Developer Certification reinforces by ability to write stong, backend code when creating custom extensions. This also works especially well if you've got a third party extension installed and need help tweaking functionality.

Working at Magento agencies in the past has resulted in me delving deep into different clients' codebases. As a result, I've gained the debugging knowledge necessary to either diagnose problems with extensions, or help you create new functionality altogether.

Supporting your Magento 2 store

If you feel your Magento 2 store is in a good place and doesn't need any major Magento 2 development work carried out, then I'll always be on hand if you need me. Magento 2 from time to time will still require security patches and updates needing to be applied. If you've got any extensions, these too may need upgrading occasionally for performance and security reasons. From my personal experience, there have always been a couple of Magento bugs that crop up from time to time.

Always know that if you're in need of Magento 2 development, support or maintenance work, there's a Magento developer in Sussex around to help!

I'm always contactable and am readily available to take on any sized project. Get in touch to find out how I can help your Magento 2 store out.