Freelance Magento 2 Developer

With the recent shift from Magento 1 to Magento 2, many merchants are on the lookout for a freelance Magento 2 developer.

Magento 2 features many new web technologies and the application is structurally different to that of Magento 1. This makes it tricky learn, even for some of those coming from a Magento 1 background.

Throughout my time using Magento 2, I've focused on rewriting Magento 1 for Magento 2 in preparation of merchants wanting to rebuild their store on the new version.

This has included theme and module rewrites, as well as importing and exporting data using via the admin area.

I'll help with data migration

Magento provides a useful data migration tool to help existing Magento 1 data such as customers, orders and products over to Magento 2. I'll be on hand to assist with migrating over your data should you need help doing so. In addition, any data that you've built up from third party extensions can also be migrated, and I can ensure that this happens.

If you have a lot of data to import, it's easier to test by breaking the data into smaller CSV or XML files. This will allow us to reliably test the data once it has been imported.

Should you need help with importing custom product options or tier pricing, I'll provide the necessary steps needed to get the data into Magento.

I am a freelance Magento 2 developer who has learnt the hard way when it comes to importing and exporting data. After many failed attempts trying to do so in previous Magento versions, I can safely say that I've built up the knowledge to transfer data in a secure and efficient manner.

Reliable, ongoing Magento 2 support

Magento 2 is here to stay, and that means websites require ongoing support from a freelance Magento 2 developer or an agency. At the time of writing, Magento is currently on version 2.2, and there are plenty of bug fixes and updates to come in future releases.

I'll be supporting Magento 2 stores for a long while, including providing development and maintenance work, as well as helping merchants upgrading their Magento 2 stores when a newer version becomes available. After over 5 years of working with Magento, I am very experienced in many major areas of customisation within the application.

I already provide expert theme and module development services for clients, so if you're looking for any website customisations, I'll be happy to assist you and help your business thrive.

As a Magento Developer in Sussex, I'm available to work nearby with local businesses or remotely.

To send me an email about supporting your Magento 2 store, click here.