Freelance Magento Developer

Being a freelance Magento developer can provide many benefits for a company looking for Magento project or support work for their online store.

The main reason companies look to see the skills of individuals is the cost. Prices are usually lower than that of agencies, and you can expect to speak about development work directly to the individual and not have to go through different channels such as project management teams.

Freelance Magento developers provide transparency

Being a freelance Magento developer myself, I've also found speaking to my clients directly has given both myself and the client a greater understanding of all development work taking place across the website. Project requirements don't get misunderstood by non-technical personnel before being passed onto developers, and I feel that I can explain the technical side of Magento simply enough for clients to understand.

Consultation is one of the many services I offer. You can talk to me about anything Magento, and I'll ensure that you understand the technical bits with ease.

We write exceptional code

One of the main worries of companies who hire a freelance Magento developers is: can the developer provide high quality code to that of an agency? Whilst agencies will always have more staff who can action any urgent queries quickly, I do feel that with Magento certifications, individuals are able to write as good (if not better) code.

One of the reasons I took my certification exams was to prove that, as an individual, I can write code that Magento recognises as industry standard. This can separate out true Magento developers with those who they just say they are experts. There are of course many brilliant developers who don't take the certifications, but amongst them are lots of developers who aren't proficient in Magento. I've seen first hand project overrun and cancelled because of this. Even if projects are eventually completed, the code often produced is not up to standard and therefore maintaining Magento websites from then on is difficult.

I ensure that the skills I've picked up when studying for the certifications are practiced regularly. This includes creating and customising themes in my spare time. As well as Magento standards, I also follow PHP PSR-2 standards.

Rest assured, your code will be well looked after and improved on after I've finished working on your store.

I'm always available

I wanted to touch upon availability of freelancers. With Magento being such a large application, you can expect bugs and other website niggles to crop up from time to time. Some issues can affect crucial areas of the website, such as the checkout page. When this happens, it's important for customers to get in touch with their agency/developer to provide a fix as soon as possible.

It's true that with an agency, there are multiple people to speak to and probably a few developers who can quickly diagnose and action any critical bugs. However, I want to make it clear that whilst I work remotely, I do my best to be available at all times even when on the road. I'll also ensure that any important phases of development work take priority over other events in my schedule.

I'm a Magento developer in Sussex, and if you're a local business, my availability can include working in your offices. Outside of working hours, I'm available to talk to on email should there be any high priority support requests. Click here to submit an enquiry to find out how I can provide expert freelance Magento developer support.