Certified Magento 2 Developer

With the release of Magento 2, the process of rolling out certification exams have begun. Planning to become a certified Magento 2 developer requires a pass in the Solution Specialist exam, as currently, this is the only certification that's available to take at the moment.

Magento 2 Certifications are coming!

The real test for Magento developers that proves they are skilled individuals are passing the Frontend Developer and Developer exams.

These haven't been released yet, but like Magento 1, they prove to be an important decision making factor when companies are choosing the right personnel to work on their website.

As a freelance Magento developer, the Magento 1 certifications really helped me in working for agencies and winning development jobs. Therefore I'll be keen to complete the Magento 2 developer certifications when they are released.

Like with most programming certification exams, a good amount of time is required to study and learn all the relevant chapters. As I mentioned in my certified Magento developer post, I learned a lot about aspects of Magento I hadn't come across when working on companies' websites during a normal working day.

As a result, some of the knowledge learned I could apply to Magento stores I worked on, making sure any customisations made to Magento are coded correctly. In addition, I could then ensure that the code written is made as efficient as possible so that page loading speed remains as low as possible.

It looks as though the Frontend Developer exam could prove much more challenging than the exam set in Magento 1. The main reasons being the introduction of modern web technologies not seen in earlier versions of Magento, such as Knockout JS and Require JS.

Therefore if you're looking for a freelance Magento developer to help you with page template and layout customisations or implement a design, I would definitely advise looking out for developers who are Frontend certified.

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